About SADO Co Ltd

About SADO Co Ltd

Sado Logo | Sado Co LtdSADO Co Ltd offers key products and services to local printing presses, office equipment and supplies, screen printing and T-shirt printing services.

SADO Co Ltd owes its success largely to its work ethics, which mainly consist of investing in the latest technology, forming close working relationships on all levels, selling quality products and providing a service you can rely on.

SADO Co Ltd was established by Carmelo Borg in 1978 to provide key products and services to local printing presses. In 2003, Direct Imaging Ltd was established to extend its offering. With forty years of experience, SADO Co Ltd and Direct Imaging Ltd are key players in the local printing industry.

SADO Co Ltd also serves serving smaller printing requirements, offering a variety of office equipment and supplies.

TechPrint provides high quality T-shirt printing and screen printing on a vast selection of garments and promotional items, handling also medium-large format printing and signage.

Your partner in the local printing industry

SADO Co Ltd has formed collaborations with and represents several major brands within the printing industry, thus becoming a key printing products and services provider for printing presses in Malta, large or small.

Our clients’ success is our success

We believe in creating close working relationships with our clients to satisfy their day-to-day operational requirements, and we are committed to offer the best products available in the market today and a standard of service they can rely on.

SADO Co Ltd invests in its people

With forty years experience in the sector and a commitment to imparting the knowledge to our employees, you can be assured of genuine advice.