Printing press inks & mixing service

Get your printing inks from SADO Co Ltd, the leading suppliers in Malta of printing press inks that also offer a Pantone spot colour ink mixing service.

The name SADO has been synonymous with the supply of inks to the local printers since 1978, when Carmelo Borg began importing inks from the Danish company Sadolin. Today, the company offers a variety of inks and colour management services so that printers in Malta can have easy access to all kinds of printing press inks.

Printing inks, colour mixing and Pantone books | Sado Co Ltd

Printing inks & pantone colors

Printing inks

SADO Co Ltd began with printing inks from the Flint Group family and has gained some expertise in K+E process inks, Pantone shades, special process inks with special requirements such as light fastness resistance, non direct food packaging inks and security inks.

Spot colour ink mixing

Our spot colour department supplying various special shades at our clients' requests, using appropriate mixing equipment plus our latest state of the art colour measuring instruments: SpectroEye and Ink Formulation. We use colour measuring instruments with software for ink formulation and colour correction to match the target colours requested. The ink mixing station handles requests from 1 kg up to large batches of 50 kg and all inks are delivered vacuum packed.

Pantone books

Pantone Colour Matching System is a largely standardised colour reproduction system, which has been widely adopted by graphic designers and reproduction and printing houses. It allows designers to colour match specific colours when a design enters production stage, regardless of the equipment used to produce the colour.

Pantone books, or PMS Colour Guides, tend to create colour variance over time, as the paper stock used (coated, matte or uncoated) is inconsistent and inks yellow. Pantone therefore recommends PMS Colour Guides be purchased annually. Order your annual copy through SADO Co Ltd.

Contact us for all your printing press inks and spot colour requirements and allow us to do your colour management with the least effort from your side. 

SADO Co Ltd is your trusted partner in the printing industry.