Keep up with the digital age by ensuring you can easily produce digital copies of any document, photo or art at the press of a button. Gone are the days of photocopies sent in the mail; scanned documents can be emailed in an instant, creating greater time efficiency. In the publishing world, scanners are the essential means by which original photos or art are transformed into a format that can be copied and printed thousands of times without effort.

At SADO Co Ltd you can find the optimal solution for your scanning requirements.

Kodak Alaris Scanners | Sado Co Ltd

Desktop scanners

Serve your customers quickly during customer-facing business transactions with a fast scanning solution that is also ideal for the small business or office. Our desktop scanners are small, quiet, fast, intelligently designed and connect easily to your office systems. Desktop scanners are perfect for small offices and individual use where ad hoc and transaction scanning is part of your daily routine.

Departmental scanners

Streamline and automate your document management processes with our departmental scanners and benefit from easy document sharing in shared network folders as well as productivity gains and cost saving. Ideal for large, busy office environments, such as a law firm, insurance claims department, human resource group or government office, departmental scanners are a great solution for any environment that requires frequent scanning of documents to business applications.

Network scanners

Scan documents or pictures directly to applications, email, fax servers, network folders, FTP sites, printers, flash drives and more with network scanners, which are designed to connect directly to a shared network of any size and are therefore ideal for any enterprise connected via a network. Network scanners allow you to scan documents directly to a business process or application without using a computer, improving efficiency in delivering information into your workflow systems.

Our Brands

SADO Co Ltd are distributors of KODAK ALARIS, which offer all-around scanning solutions  with desktop scanners, departmental scanners and network scanners to deal with high-volume production.

Kodak Alaris Scanners | Sado Co Ltd