Shredders, Guillotines & Trimmers

Use shredders to destroy confidential documents permanently. Easy to use guillotines and trimmers for clean and precise paper cutting. Desktop, office and high capacity equipment available.

Cut your paper to perfection when preparing for punching, laminating and binding. Guillotines and trimmers enable you to finish your documents and books in-house to the high quality standard you would expect. We also provide a guillotine blade sharpening and grinding service to ensure you always experience a clean cut.

When your paperwork no longer serves you, ensure that sensitive information does not end up in the wrong hands. Shredders destroy confidential paperwork and recycle it into packing material, which may be useful in your industry.

At SADO Co Ltd you can find the optimal solution for your shredding and trimming requirements. 

Our brands

Ideal Shredders, Guillotines & Trimmers | Sado Co Ltd

 SADO Co Ltd are distributors of IDEAL, a reputed German brand which supplies a vast range of shredders, guillotines and trimmers for desktop and office as well as high capacity equipment.

Ideal Shredders, Guillotines & Trimmers | Sado Co Ltd

We supply a wide variety of:

  • Shredders.
  • Trimmers.
  • Rotary trimmers.
  • Guillotines.
  • Electronic staplers.
  • Paper punches.
  • Folding machines.

Guillotine blade sharpening

SADO Co Ltd offers a guillotine blade sharpening / grinding service to its clients on an ongoing basis. Rely on SADO Co Ltd for guillotine blade sharpening / grinding and never need to worry about the quality of paper cutting at your printing press.